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Happy 2018!

And here we go…

another year has gone!

Oh what a long, huge, full year I just had!!! My dear 2017, I confess, I will probably miss you. Because you brought me a lot of new people and friends, you made me growing up a little bit more, I learned a lot of new things both in personal and professional lives. Sometimes I even have blamed you because I wanted more. I repent now.

Every single sad moment has been important if now I am here again, stronger, still fighting.

I know what you’re gonna say:

“that’s not the first time you’ve told it.

But you know, all the times it was true. All the times I seemed I was over I then found the strenght to face my troubles and go on. I am a millennium girl. You know what does it mean? That I am unsatisfied for definition! But I working on myself. My first aim of 2018 is coming back to design, because I miss it, I miss how it made me feel. And that’s all thanks to you my 2017, because when apparently you were leading me in different and far directions, you were just making things in order I could come back here, where my heart pulses.

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Valentina Creations

I'm a digital #scrapbook designer from Italy, #youtuber & #crafter, passionate photographer and video maker. Looking for inspirations!

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    Alessandro Bongiorno


    I am so glad you have finally come back! I missed you.


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