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January scrapbook projects!

New year, new blog, new hopes!

I can’t be happier to present you my first 2018 scrapbook collection joint to this new amazing stylish website!
The new collection is called “Winter’s freeze”; I am continuing a sort of mixed media style, exploring doodles and scribbles mixed to realistic objects, paints, word arts and black masks.The final result is absolutely artistry: I really love the soft country atmosphere here; I find it fits very well to the snowy cottage which is my main symbol of this winter project. I recall the feelings and emotions evoked by woods, rain, cold.
Here in my country it is still so cold and it has been easy to enter into the mood. While I was designing this new kit, I imagined to be there, inside that snowy cottage, relaxing in front of the window and watching kids playing around.
I really hope that this new collection may give you the same sense of peace and bring joy and happiness to your hearts.

$1 per pack

Valentina Winterfreeze LO1
Valentina Winterfreeze LO2
Valentina Winterfreeze LO3
Valentina Winterfreeze LO4

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Valentina Creations

I'm a digital #scrapbook designer from Italy, #youtuber & #crafter, passionate photographer and video maker. Looking for inspirations!

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